October codes:


(10 gems) 7a71-113D-C3E6-905e

(10 gems) E183-2714-b07C-08cf


September codes:

(20 gems) 4321-2c85-09DB-7Bf8

(10 gems) 6F61-28of-1C79-6d3D

(10 gems) 4Fd0-C149-16d9-0B4a

(10 gems) f58F-9e22-AaEe-10bD

(10 gems) 6ABE-2EDB-0F5B-51D5


August code:

(10 gems) 21f19ae973d4a78d


July codes:

(10 gems) 6dd4a907580c6cfb

(10 gems) 975c9f03e8ee8d49


June codes:

(20 gems) 8047d79aef0865c3

(10 gems) ba8641f9351d34a4

(10 gems) af83cae0acdb2a47


May codes:

(20 gems) f0148c8dab2c0984

(10 gems) 24d382fl8e92ed68

(10 gems) kl683ge272d5dh1



Totaly given gems this year:



this means the code is expired

this means the code is still working

this means the code is new

this means a code died REALY quick

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